Up Your Grilling Game: Grilled Cocktails for Summer

Grilled Tequila Sunrise

29 Jun Up Your Grilling Game: Grilled Cocktails for Summer

Making unique things on the grill is one of the major food trends this summer. The smoky flavor of the grill and the citrusy-sweet flavors of fruit pair perfectly together to create excellent cocktails this summer!

While you already have the grill fired up from cooking burgers, hot dogs, steaks or BBQ, throw on some fresh fruit to concoct some of my refreshing grilled cocktail recipes, just in time for Fourth of July.

Try the ever-delicious Grilled Pineapple and Orange Mai Thai. It’s an awesome cocktail for this summer. With the sweet and sour flavors of the orange and the pineapple, and the beachy taste of the rum, you will automatically be transported somewhere with sand, sun, and a warm breeze. If you’re spending the summer at the beach, it’s a wonderful cocktail for a summer evening spent relaxing on the sand.

My Devilish Pomegranate Spritzer is another great grilled cocktail for any shindig! This delicious drink uses charred oranges, like the Mai Tai, as an ingredient to give the drink a smoky bite that cuts through the taste of the sweet oranges. With the flavors of pomegranate and grilled orange, you will love this invigorating cocktail.

Another refreshing grilled summer cocktail is my Sizzling Grilled Fruit Tequila Sunrise. It’s the perfect combination of orange, grapefruit, lime and jalapeño to add a little kick! It will keep you cool in the hot summer heat. The interesting flavors come together to create a delicious cocktail ideal for summer.

Test out these grilled fruit cocktails this Fourth of July so you’ll have them down pat for the rest of the summer! Be creative with your grilling and don’t be afraid to thrown any kind of fruit on the grill. You never know what you will discover!