Surprise! Five Things You Never Knew You Could Cook on a B.G.E


22 Jan Surprise! Five Things You Never Knew You Could Cook on a B.G.E

We all know you can grill, smoke and roast meat on the Big Green Egg…and that’s all it’s used for, right?


Wrong! A Big Green Egg is a lot more versatile than you may think. Surprisingly, there are many delicious—and unique—uses of this komado-style cooker. Catch your guests off guard at your next cook out or dinner party with dishes you would never guess came off of a B.G.E. Here is a round up of five different things you can cook on it, in ways you would never expect:


1. Desserts– Talk about a ‘shock factor’ when you tell guests that their sweet and sugary dessert came right off the grill! I absolutely love cooking desserts on the B.G.E. It gives otherwise-over-sweet dishes a really interesting smoky taste and texture. One of my favorites is my ‘Stuffed Baked Apples with a Bourbon Caramel Sauce.’ It’s different, festive and perfect for holiday get-togethers.


2. Breakfast– There’s nothing better to wake up to in the Fall than the smoky scent of a grill. It takes me back to the days of bonfires and tailgating, the perfect way to start off your day! You probably would never guess that you could prepare a quiche on a grill, but you can, and pretty easily. My ‘French Toast Casserole with Caramelized Apples,’ that I demoed at Eggtoberfest is another one of my favorites.


3. Warm Dips– Speaking of casseroles, another use for the B.G.E casserole dish is to heat up warm dips—the perfect appetizer for entertaining. [insert dips]…The Paella Pan is another great accessory for creating an ooey-gooey dip that everyone will love.


4. Paninis– Who doesn’t love a hot sandwich? I certainly do. And when the cheese is melting and stretching when you take a bite, it’s even better. Using the griddle accessory, you can make delicious and warm hoagies and paninis that make a perfect, and surprisingly simple, lunch. On the top of my list? [insert panini recipe]


5. Cocktails– Last, but certainly not least, we have (in my opinion) the MOST shocking use of a Big Green Egg…cocktails. I’m not talking your average shaken martini, I’m talking exciting flavors mixed with your favorite spirit and prepared on the grill for fun effects, like smoke and fog. Also, charred fruit and other things make the perfect garnish to any libation.