Peachy-Keen: My Peach-Inspired Menu

30 Jul Peachy-Keen: My Peach-Inspired Menu

We all know that peaches are one of the tastiest, juiciest fruits around, but they are so much more than an ingredient in a Bellini! Peaches are frequently used as complementary flavors for savory dishes, too, and there’s no better time than National Peach Month to find out how you can achieve a savory flavor profile with a peach.

Southern Peach BBQ Chicken Pizza by Chef Linkie Marais

My Southern Peach BBQ Chicken Pizza is a dinner table favorite.

I’ve created an entire meal surrounding this month’s celebrated fruit: peaches. From dinner to cocktails, each recipe incorporates a peach, (or two or three) and an abundance of savory, sweet goodness!

Peach Daiquiri by Linkie Marais

Peach Mint Daiquiris for the hot summer weather.

Begin your dinner with my Southern Peach BBQ Chicken Pizza. Mixing a true southern favorite, BBQ, with a sweet Georgia peach will make the most savory mixture for any summer cookout. Pizza’s one of those great summer foods that the kids will love to help you create by adding toppings.

An added bonus to this super peachy meal is my Peach Mint Daiquiri Recipe. The blend of peach schnapps and mango pineapple juice coupled with sprigs of mint makes for a sweet and refreshing cocktail. Your guests will definitely be able to cool down and relax with this cocktail!

This meal will leave you feeling full and peachy for the rest of the day! What are your favorite sweet or savory peach recipes that you’ve tried?